I called Mr. Binger because I was facing a sheriff sale. I was a nervous wreck because the sale was only 4 days away and I had no place to go. He quickly put me at ease with his calm demeanor and we ultimately set an appointment the same day.

I was grateful that he was able to file my case the very next day and I was able stay in my home for another 6 months. This allowed time for my daughter to graduate with her high school class. Thank you so much for your help and making me a priority.

Mike G
I received a notice of wage garnishment in the mail and decided to call to get information about bankruptcy. I spoke to several other law offices who gave me very basic information like price and appointment availability. It wasn’t until I called Mr. Binger that I spoke to an attorney about my situation. Thankfully he worked within my budget and he filed my case before the wage garnishment had took effect. Without that extra money, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my rent and car payment.
Thank you so much!
Steve S
After my divorce I was struggling to pay on my credit cards that I had accumulated over the years. I was ordered in the divorce to pay spousal support and child support on my three children. Even though I made a good living I had nothing left to pay on my debt. Thankfully I spoke to Mr. Binger because I was under the impression after researching online my income was too high for Chapter 7 relief.

My case went smoothly and it was a big weight off my shoulders. Thank you for your expertise and help!

Mike O